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Enabling Responsible AI

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Trust & AI Forum

20 September 2023

Join us on 20 September 2023 for the Trust & AI Forum, an event to explore the intersections of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital trust. The Trust & AI Forum aims to provide a broad reflection on the impact of AI in the trust economy, focusing on the challenges and opportunities, as well as the ethical and social implications of recent technological developments. This event is part of the Digital Trust Forum event series, which brings together worldwide c-level executives, public officials and renowned academic institutions, as well as entrepreneurs, to reflect and share knowledge on key topics in the digital trust space.

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13:00 (30 minutes)
Welcome coffee
13:30 (15 minutes)
Welcome & introduction remarks
 Lauranne Macherel
  • Lauranne Macherel
  • Deputy Secretary General - Economy of Trust Foundation
 Lennig Pedron
  • Lennig Pedron
  • CEO - Trust Valley
 Yohann Perron
  • Yohann Perron
  • Innovation Advisor - Innovaud
13:45 (15 minutes)
Towards Responsible AI: Balancing Innovation and Ethics

Examination of the role of trust in AI, the importance of ethics and regulatory frameworks, and the practical translation of ethical principles in AI technology

 Sasha Rubel
  • Sasha Rubel
  • Head of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Public Policy, Europe, Middle East, and Africa - Amazon Web Services
14:00 (45 minutes)
AI & Cybersecurity: Friend or Foe?

Discussions about the use of LLMs in criminal activities, as well as their utilisation for protection measures within the realm of cybersecurity.

 Marie Sophie Müller
  • Marie Sophie Müller
  • Program Lead, Solution Accelerator - Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA)
 Quentin Randaxhe
  • Quentin Randaxhe
  • Country Manager Switzerland - Approach Cyber
 Andrey Suzdaltsev
  • Andrey Suzdaltsev
  • CEO & Co-founder - Brightside
 Terry Vogelsang
  • Terry Vogelsang
  • Offensive Security Practice Manager - Kudelski Security
14:45 (15 minutes)
Enabling trust for data economy

Comprehensive peer to peer framework offering data security and privacy while preserving data ownership,

 Gabriel Kafi
  • Gabriel Kafi
  • Group Leader Firmware & Security for Connected Devices - CSEM
15:00 (30 minutes)
Coffee & Networking
15:30 (45 minutes)
Building Trust In an AI-driven world

Conversations about the complexities of integrating AI responsibly across industries, ensuring privacy, safety, and fostering an environment that encourages innovation without compromising ethics.

 Yan Borboën
  • Yan Borboën
  • Digital Assurance and Cybersecurity Partner - PwC Switzerland
 Roman Dykhno
  • Roman Dykhno
  • Senior Solution Engineer - Salesforce
 Hugo Flayac
  • Hugo Flayac
  • CEO -
 Athanasios Giannakopoulos
  • Athanasios Giannakopoulos
  • Engagement Director - Unit8 SA
16:15 (10 minutes)
Do You Need A Chief Ethics Officer?

Exploration of the need for dedicated new executive roles focused on ethical considerations, evaluating the responsibilities, challenges, and potential impacts for organisations

 Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti
  • Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti
  • Co-founder & Managing Director - impactIA foundation
16:25 (45 minutes)
The Need For Regulating AI

Exploration of the necessity for a comprehensive AI regulatory framework, examining the challenges and requirements, and investigating the implications for organisations

 Ricardo Chavarriaga
  • Ricardo Chavarriaga
  • Head Swiss Office - Confederation of Laboratories for AI Research in Europe (CLAIRE)
 Marc Holitscher
  • Marc Holitscher
  • National Technology Officer - Microsoft
 Arman Iranfar
  • Arman Iranfar
  • Head of Artificial Intelligence - CertX
 Prisca Quadroni-Renella
  • Prisca Quadroni-Renella
  • CEO - AI Legal & Strategy Consulting AG
17:10 (5 minutes)
Concluding remarks
17:15 (45 minutes)
Cocktail & Networking


Yan Borboën

Partenaire en Assurance Numérique et Cybersécurité

PwC Switzerland
Ricardo Chavarriaga

Head Swiss Office

Confederation of Laboratories for AI Research in Europe (CLAIRE)
Roman Dykhno

Senior Solution Engineer

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